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Apple Mac FTP


Apple Mac FTP

This may be a long shot, but here goes...

I have an Apple Mac running Panther that I use to collect stats from my router. I want to be able to automatically upload the stats to my plusnet webspace.

I used to do this on Pipex and it worked fine. I use the command line FTP program and run it from a cron job. However, whenever it runs (either via cron or manually) it hangs and then returns a connection timeout.

I don't get this problem when using it with other web servers.

Has anyone else ever tried this?

Does anyone know how to get around the problem?

Any help appreciated.

Apple Mac FTP

I have now managed to get around the problem.

In case anyone wants to do this in future I downloaded cmdftp from sourceforge. Cmdftp is a command line ftp program (although has unusual commands) for Max OS X and works fine with the plusnet site.