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Any "Zone Alarm Pro" users out there?


Any "Zone Alarm Pro" users out there?

Trialing "Zone Alarm Pro" and have a minor problem on my wifes Windows machine with;type=uklightning where a map of the uk is supposed to be,but does not appear

The Zone Alarm "Privacy Advisor" says it is blocking adds but I have a row of green arrows at that particular site and cannot find anywhere else to allow adds just for that site.

May seem a trivial problem but would like to sort it out if I can, as my wife is terrified of lightning and uses that page to see if there is any around.

So far the trial version of Zone Alarm Pro has performed faultlessly apart from this one clitch which I am sure is caused by my missing something very basic.

Thanks in advance

ZA Pro problems with, replying Ivan

Hello sunhouse,

I dont know why ZA Pro blocks those images but it seems that it detects the map image as an advert and has decided to block this item or web page element. I'm confident that if you looked carefully within ZA pro's configuration somewhere you should find a way to switch off the blocking of adverts.

If that doesnt help, can I suggest a work around solution to you, DONT purchase ZA Pro (Zone Alarm is an excellent product / firewall) the pro version just comes with all the added Bells & whistles which most users dont really neeed and frankly such extra can as you've already seen make life more complex than it needs to be.

I recommend that you remove the ZA pro trial version and go for the freeware ZA basic firewall then you wont have this problem of Ad blocking it wont be an issue. ZA version 5.0 basic version is extremely good it just doesnt have all the over stuffed extras (you dont need the bells & whistles really, its a selling piont mainly).

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Any "Zone Alarm Pro" users out there?

The AD and cookie blocking in ZA Pro has never been very good and causes more problems than it solves for me so I never use it. I would recommend you don't enable cookie control, ad blocking or mobile code control. If you have an externall virus scanner than also scans email then also disable the inbound and outbound mailsafe protection.

To stop pop-ups, I find the best app one to use in the google toolbar so why not give that a try (just search for google toolbar in google), or switch to using a non-IE browser like firefox or mozilla which comes with built-in pop-up blocking.

IE6 comes with a very good cookie blocker if configured correctly and I would recommend using SpywareGuard & Spywareblaster which stops the majority of ad cookies ever getting on your system.

Links to various security tools can be found in General: Essential Security software.

ZA is a very good firewall but all the bloatware they have added recently is not worth it. There are plenty of other apps around that do a far superior job od blocking ads, spyware etc and do actually WORK!

Any "Zone Alarm Pro" users out there?

Thanks for the repies and suggestions folks but.......... and you are probably going to throw your hands in the air with shock and horror,but the bells and whistles really caused me headaches.The result being that I have reverted back to the (for me) tried and tested Kerio Personal Firewall 2.4.1 and the Sponge3 rule set.Nothing fancy just gets on with it's job; but repulsed everything that "" and "PCFlank" could throw at it.

One thing I have noticed though that I am curious about.When tested Kerio showed all the important ports to be stealthed with the exception of "110" which it showed as closed.Zone Alarm Pro however showed everything as stealthed with the exception of "135" which again it was shown as closed I think but would not swear to it that "Outpost" also returned the latter report.Is this a matter for concern.