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Any port in a storm


Any port in a storm

Can anyone tell me which ports should be used for non-standard servers (for example a web-cam feed)?

Also, can a subdomain be mapped in DNS records to a particular port at an ip address?

Any port in a storm

First off, DNS is a totaly different concept to port numbers.

It sounds as if you have been using a dyndns service in the past, to point a subdomain record they hold at a specific port.

That is a trick on the eye, and uses more than just DNS to do this.

You are now in the old school DNS class, where you have allmost total control over the proper DNS operation.

DNS records are designed to map a name into a IP address. nothing more or less. Even though you have mailer records, pointers and name server records, they all end up doing the same job.

When a machine needs to connect to a remote computer, it can't use the name it is given, it can only connect to a IP address. DNS coverts the name, so the computer can make the physical connection.

When making the connection, a port is also specified, so the destination machines, knows which service/application should be handling the request.

As such, regardless of any IP or hostname used or configured, you can use ports, as this is client side, and not controled by DNS servers.

In many cases, you use :port after the address to specify the port to connect to, lke in IE, you use to use port 81 instead of the standard port 80 for webservers.

However, consult your software documentation on how your software uses a different port.

As for the standard ports on which your software can use, 0-1023 are reserved and managed by IANA. Anything above this is OK.

Infact, anything within this is OK, provided you have no software that wishes to use it.

Any port in a storm

That helps, thanks.