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Additional DNS Records


Additional DNS Records

I know the people at plus are busy people, But, I am trying to get the most
out of my account with them, yet, on areas of the service the support / tech
team are not interested in helping. :? Im not trying to say this is wrong, heh,
it probably a good thing so that people dont mess things up. However, with
their responce to how the Various DNS options should be set were pritty
So, Does anyone know how and is willing to spend time showing how
these are setup. I would prefer to know what I am doing rather that waste
time with wild trial and error. Anyone know of good tutorials. I have a few
if you are also looking for some, just pop me a PM.
The main reason Im interested in this is because my rDNS wont match
my forward DNS & because of this, my reg irc server wont reconise my host. Cry
Also I hope to get some sub dirs on the go with my domain, but I need to
fully know what I am doing before I attempt this. Thus, This post.


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Additional DNS Records

Well, for starters, have you read the Setting Up Domain Records tutorial?

As far as reverse DNS is concerned, I can't remember if the tutorial covers that, but the important point is that the portal's DNS tool does not provide facilities for setting entries which are required for handling reverse lookups. You have to raise a Contact us "ticket" requesting the reverse lookup for your public IP Address will resolve to the desired (fully qualified) hostname.

Additional DNS Records

Thanks For your reply,

The tutorial was most helpful in making it more clearer as to how to use
the additional dns records for, But it was more or less aimed
at other hosting alternitives, which I may plan to do in the near future.

My reverse dns is setup correctly resolving to my hosted domain on plus,
but the reverse dns and the forward dns do not match thus not allowing the irc
to reconise my host. enstead it just displays my ip. After contacting the support
on the matter, they just said I had to add an "A" field on the additional dns to
point to my ip.

I did what I thought was needed, but after 24 hrs, there was
no change. I contacted them again, but the person said they cannot provide
me with that information. Saying that they are unable to discuss the matter.

At the moment I have this set. Can you let me know if It is wrong.

Left --------------- Type -------- Right ( no pri is set so I not included it ) --- A ---- --- A ----

I wasnt sure what ip I was to use, as on the contact us portal the
example used the domains ip, & other examples used an adsl ip Shockedops:

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Additional DNS Records

the domains tool won't allow you to create proper reverse DNS, you will need to reraise a ticket stating you want reverse DNS setup. If whoever answers your ticket does not know much about reverse DNS point them towards this thread.


Additional DNS Records

ok Ill raise another ticket, and when I get a reply I will let you know
the outcome.
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Additional DNS Records

Try raising the ticket using the following path:

Technical Support -> Static IP / Reverse DNS Setup -> Change my Reverse DNS (PTR) configuration

Additional DNS Records

yep, I have just posted a ticket using that same path.
the portal says 5hrs before a reply. so, here's waiting :roll:


Re: Additional DNS Records


I have just taken a look at the DNS records. In order for this to work as you expect I need to change the domain records to point the origin of the domain (the domain with no www) at your IP address. However I am not sure what you want to do with the domain, the records that you show above are incorrect because there is no trailing full-stop on the left hand records.

You must make a decision whether you want to be able to have your webspace answer when someone types in your domain with no www or whether you want the domain to point to your IP it cannot do both.

I have updated the ticket accordingly.


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Additional DNS Records

At the moment I have this set. Can you let me know if It is wrong.

Left --------------- Type -------- Right ( no pri is set so I not included it ) --- A ---- --- A ----

Being a Mickey-mouse type, I haven't followed exactly what you're trying to achieve with this (what name do you want the reverse look-up to provideHuh), but regardless of that, what you've entered is definitely wrong -- you need to be very careful with names in DNS entries: if you don't add a "dot" at the end of the name, DNS interprests it as an unqualified name and promptly qualifies it by suffixing it with the domain name. So, by entering "" DNS will understand that to mean "" which is not at all what you had intended. You need to write "" (note the "dot" after the "uk").

But, in any case, all that's for the forward resolution -- name to address -- not reverse resolution, from address to name.

Additional DNS Records

ok, so what you are saying is, I can either have my domain ( )resolve to my ip, or to the www. Having both is not an option... Then Id rather it was pointed to the www. ( the way it is just now )

All I was attempting to do was when I was on irc, and on a whois reply, enstead of it showing *!*username@ to accually resolve to
*!* . But in doing that means I lose the DNS
to www.nex-net* I would not want those changes made.

I was sure I would have been able to have both due to a whois on resolves to also. But if that is something
completely different I have misunderstood the funtion of the additional
DNS records. Which I will remove after I complete this post.

do you understand what I am trying to do now? or is it still confusing :?
I wouldnt have thought it was that difficult to do, obviously not hehe.

If there is anything else that I can do or read on, please let me know.


Additional DNS Records

You could have your domain work as normal, and just use a subdomain for irc (such as