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Adding pages after the index page


Adding pages after the index page

I'm new to this website lark, but thought I'd make use of the webspace.
I've managed to make a homepage and call it index.html with CoolPage, and uploaded it with CuteFTP.

As a second page, I made a page called aboutme.html and uploaded it. However, I just get error 404 when I add "aboutme.html" to the end of my" address.

How do I get it onto the website, and also how to I get it to link from the index page?
Thanks in advance
Dom F9
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Adding pages after the index page

All you need to do is use /aboutme.html for an internal link and as long as the file aboutme.html is in your root directory it will be found. It is not necessary to make it a complete URL as this is only needed when setting up a link to another website.

Also a URL does not have an @ in it. It is where username is your name.

To get the file onto your webspace just use FTP like you did for the index page.

I also suggest you search out some simple HTML tutorials which will explain the basics of adding links to other web pages or read the help info supplied with your web page editor.

Try this simple tutorial.

Adding pages after the index page

Thanks Peter
Problem solved. Found a tutorial on CoolPage's ctap workings.
Many thanks