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Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key


Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

I've been reading quite a bit about spyware recently and thought I'd try Ad-aware to see what spyware was lurking on my machine.

I found a few items lurking including 3 registry items ... one of these is the "Alexa" data mining registry key.

This appears to be some sort of extension to Internet Explorer.

Has anyone out there removed Alexa? Does removing it have any adverse effects?


Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

I havn't noticed any adverse effects.
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Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

I always remove it. It comes and goes and has no effect on browsing or any other activity I have done.

I tend to use spybot search & destroy first and use it to get rid of it, then run adaware to find any others spybot does not know about yet.

Make sure yo check for updates each time you run it.

Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

Alexa is installed when you install windows, good to know Microshaft stick spyware into their OP's.

Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

Thanks reset for confirming what I suspected from the description of Alexa!

Thanks also to petervaughan ... I've been updating the Ad-aware descriptions about once a week. It has been quite illuminating to see how many new bits of spyware get dropped on the system in between Ad-aware searches :shock:

Of course I guess that some of those "new" identities could actually be cookies that have been sitting on my machine for yonks and which Lavasoft have decided to reclassify as spyware ...

Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

The Alexa spyware is only spyware if you define it as such. It only comes into play, if you allow it to.

It used to the be the "related sites/links" button within Internet Explorer, however, people define it as spyware as it records the sites you submit to it.

Even the update component of Microsoft works is classed as spyware.
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Ad-aware detects Alexa Registry Key

I just started using IE-spyad which sets up a list of restricted sites and so blocks them. Now my checks with Adaware usually show nothing (well, except Alexa!)

Really seems to work well but if you know otherwise please tell me!

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