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Activating SMTP mail to download to exchange server 2003


Activating SMTP mail to download to exchange server 2003

I've got Exchange 2003 set up on win 2003 server on a small home network using a adsl router. I've outlook on a number of machines and can mail out but can't seem to get mail to down load to exchange.
I tried finger (not that I know what that does) which said there were some 116 messages quequed up... How do I get them into my serverHuh
Any help gratefully accepted.

Activating SMTP mail to download to exchange server 2003

If you got a response to the finger command then delivery would have been triggered. The fact that you didn't receive anything must mean that your system isn't able to accept the connection from autoturn.
- a problem with exchange server (I know nothing about it), however you could try to talk to it by telnet from your local machine and see if it reponds
- a problem with your router not set up to forward tcp/25 to the machine with exchange server running
- a firewall not allowing tcp/25 to come in to your system

Same boat

I have exactly the same configuration and convinced myself that I would be able to sort out in a day. Wrong.

As I see it (which could well be wrong) to set up SMTP on Exchange you need to:

Set up a static IP Address (

Run the Internet Mail Wizard in Exchange Server making reference to the Static IP Address above

Transfer in an appropriate domain (

Follow the instructions on the SMTP support (

Set your outlook clients up to pull e-mail form the Exchange Server

And then post an article on this forum telling us all how you performed such a miracle :lol:

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Getting smtp running with exchange server 2003

Well thanks ... I checked my router and did port forwarding on 25 to my server ip and whooosh, email!!!! Thanks
Not sure I can tell anyone else how I did it as I had help from many others but if you want to ask a question I can try and answer.

Still having problems

I have a simular problem to you I think, I have Exchaneg 2003 running and it can send mail but wont receive.

I have set my domain to SMTP and my Binatone adsl router has port 25 forwarding mail to my internal IP address (Where Exchange sits)

What else am I missing?