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A question:


A question:

We need to manage the traffic across our network to ensure that latency sensitive services such as PlusTalk, HTTP and email will always function correctly.

from the 16 page thread about usenet

now, as i understand the internet, networking and other such things (tcp/ip etc etc) HTTP is NOT latancy sensative, IE, it does not matter if it takes 1second or 5 seconds to open a page, it will still open. Email, WTF? since when was this latancy sensative. its a fire and forget protocol. you send the email, and it arrives at the destination some time later, between 2seconds (if its on the same host) or a few mins if its over to a diff host. Even a 10min gap between sending and reciving is acceptable, so either plusnet have REALLY bad issues with bandwidth or they are trying to tell us they cant acutaly route emails correctly?? PlusTalk is the ONLY thing in that list that may be at all sensative to "latency" however, being a VoIP service, just like skype, it really does not suffer that much if you are using 220kb/s for downloading and the remaining 10kb/s for PlusTalk. So how exacly is that "sensative".

Now if they had said games, well yes we all know games need "good" pings, however seeing as quake, quake 2 and quake 3 were all played over a 56k modem i can not see how it really matters if a ping of 20ms or a ping of 50ms is going to change your game play THAT much! just get more accurate damnit!.

so the question is, why are plusnet trying to call such tasks as email and HTTP latancy sensative? what reason do they have?
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A question:

Very good question and one i will be interested to see an answer to as i agree i cant see any latency issues arising from the mentioned HTTP and email