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A lot of Unkowns


A lot of Unkowns

With the advent of a certain amounts of "PlusTalk minutes" coming soon I have realised I have a coule of unkowns.

1) will it work straight out of the box on my Mac
2) Will it work with a LynkSys WAG354G and what ports or anything do I need to open etc.

So is there a way to actually test it before the start date? I know that when I was battling to get "iChat" through my router there were a couple of test sites...... anything similar for PlusTalk....... or can I assume that if "Skype" works "PlusTalk" will........ but I'll bet it is not as simple as that :-(

A lot of Unkowns


Im not sure about if it will work. But why not give the software a shout or a try rather and try voip calls from you to say another plustalk user that is able to assist in testing?

SipPhone for Mac/Windows/Linux.



X-lite works on a Mac. With your router, you may need to do some work (open and assign incoming ports) to enable the data traffic of calls to flow.

SIP can be a pain to get working through NAT/firewall and the Plustalk variant of SIP is even more difficult.