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A Quick Question Regarding Peer 2 Peer


A Quick Question Regarding Peer 2 Peer

Hi All

Just curious about something and it is not a big deal.

I see a lot of complaints about the management of P2P on the Plusnet forums and get the distinct impression that that is usually with reference to file sharing software ie Kazza, Limewire, emule etc.

But I noticed just a few moments ago whilst running a "Network Diagnostic" on one of my less frequently used Video conferencing programmes that it says in the report produced "will use peer-to-peer connections to deliver Quick Messages and VideoChat invitations." Which allows me to call up a specific IP address.

Although it does not really matter to me that far as Plusnets management system is concerned....... is it the same thing?

Thanks for any thoughts.

A Quick Question Regarding Peer 2 Peer

Anything that uses the P2P networking would show up as the same traffic no matter what it was used for.

As the P2P networking is so big with so many servers world wide it is often used for other things beside just file sharing