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A Big MSN Messenger Pain.


A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

This message originaly sent to msn.messenger newsgroup, with no replies.
Can you help please?


Just set-up my 2 daughters with messenger access.
2 accounts on the computer all works fine, XP Pro Sp2 all updates
latest messenger and windows firewall.

Both daughters have googlemail accounts and use these addresses to
log-in and both are verified, 1 daughter gets connected to messenger
fine the other not (error says possibly firewall problem), network runs
from router, 4 pc's all have own IP. She can be added to my messenger
on my computer and log-on fine.

I got new googlemail for daughter who could not connect and it worked!
except one pal when added disconnects her off messenger right after
entering her email address (hotmail). This pal can be added via my
computer fine?

Tonight my daughter tried to add a new pal who just signed up tonight
and when she adds them again she is disconnected from messenger
straight after hitting enter key! .. I tried the online messenger and
when she adds them there they do not show on her list, my router has
uPnp enabled and I thought that would handle MSN messenger?

It's got to be with having 2 users on the windows system but cannot find a way to get both acounts working 100%, today the daughter with the problem acount cannot log-on with her googlemail email but can if using the MSN webaccess page?

Could it be...

Control panel -> Internet optrions, "privacy " tab , is the block pop-ups checked?
If it is that is your problem.

A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

I think it is, but why would one acount work and not the other?


A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

I haven't a clue, but be wary - sometimes that check mark returns - just when you have forgotten how to fix the connection problem :?

Glad to have helped.

A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

It made no difference Sad thanks for the info though ;-)

A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

Shot in the dark, but was one reason that my daughter couldn't get on,
and another mistake that I made.
control panel -> Internet options -> uncheck "use a proxy server".

Have you checked for the msn virus blockchecker?

You could try this:

download it to desktop, start in safe mode and run it.

The above is a removal tool that comes from


A Big MSN Messenger Pain.

Thanks for all your help BBH Smiley
Found the problem, Cybersitter was causing it.