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482 Loop detected

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Registered: 05-04-2007

482 Loop detected

I have enabled my PlusTalk account & tried to logon following the instructions given.

X-Lite sends REGISTER & Plusnet replies '482 Loop detected'.

I raised ticket ID: 19353312 on Wed 10th May. On Thurs 11th I got the following response:

++ internal ++
eu getting loop detected on x-lite. this suggests an packet loop between the sip server and client. having googled this i believe it may be resolved server side.

I assume this is the CSC Agent providing information internaly & did not require a response from me. However, as nothing else seemed to happen, on Tues 16th I send a reply anyway asking for clarification & also asking if there was anything further I could do, or any other information I could provide.

Since then, nothing.

I know CSC are busy with the problems thrown up by MaxDSL, but if the <2hr average ticket closure time means anything, some people must be getting some fast answers!

My problem is that I am evaluating PlusTalk on behalf of a couple of customers of mine who are also Plusnet customers. I'm ok - I have an alternative VoIP supplier because I have been using VoIP since long before PN offered it. But it makes sense for new users to use PlusTalk if it's ok & I would even move my own company's VoIP over to PlusTalk if it's viable - it would make life simpler.

However, on the present showing, sadly there is only one recommendation I am going to be able to make.

The problem may be at my end, although the response above indicates otherwise, but that is not the point.

Has anyone else had this '482 Loop detected' error & have you been able to resolve it?

482 Loop detected

I have had a problem with PlusTalk since the 9th May and this is the response from CS. So my advise is to think twice before recommending it to your customers.

Dear Mr Chambers,
You pay for broadband thats all you pay for. All other services are value added unless they have there own sperate billed amount. As for restoring the calls my colleage has tried to tell you there is a problem and this is being worked on. Until it is fixed we cannot do anything.