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2 issues - Help please?


2 issues - Help please?

I have just set-up my Plustalk PAYG account on my Billion 7402VGP VoIP router.
I can make outgoing calls with no problem but I am having difficulty with incoming and voicemail.

1. If I call the 0845 number from a BT line I get a soild 'dead' tone.
2. If I call it from an Orange mobile it goes straight to voicemail.

Also, when I attempt to change my voicemail greeting (7001) I am told my password is wrong. I am entering these details direct from my profile page.

Any help would be appreciated, esp on the incoming calls issue.

2 issues - Help please?

Hi Paul,

If you have just set the account up, then it may take a while for the 0845 number to work. I have noticed with a couple of accounts that the number didnt kick in immediately. A few hours wait sorted it though.

If its not working by now, maybe you'll need to raise a ticket.