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transfer email folders to plusnet

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transfer email folders to plusnet

Hi everybody. I have just switched from BT to Plusnet.

Does anybody know how to transfer my Email folders and address book into Plusnet and Gmail?

I have managed to get them to Thunderbird and am trying to copy the folders but it is not easy. But i cannot see how to copy over my address book.

Any help would be gratefully welcome 

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Re: transfer email folders to plusnet

@geetee2  Welcome to the Plusnet Community forums.

Have you got a Plusnet email address?

Anyway, regarding Gmail, if you go to the 'Can I keep my JL email address' FAQ here:, it tells you how to move JL email stuff to Gmail. Hopefully this will give you a lead.

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Re: transfer email folders to plusnet

A warm welcome to the forums.

If you have just joined Plusnet, then you will not have access to any email options with Plusnet.  Plusnet discontinued email functionality for new customers some time ago.  If you have a legacy Plusnet email service / account from some prior provision from Plusnet (which is still working) do bear in mind that Plusnet's (IMAP / POP3) email SERVICE does not facilitate an address book.  Such is held in an email client only, which brings about the confusion that the Plusnet Webmail CLIENT does support an address book which can be exported and import vcards.

You wish to explore options for moving email content from BT to Gmail.

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