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mail box capacity almost full

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mail box capacity almost full

Please tell me EXACTLY how to reduce my mailbox size preferably by deleting  all of the older mails  I have been trying the phone number for 15 minutes and the talk to (type ) did not stay with me   Maybe someone could do this for me  Web mail is slow to load  I use Thunderbird

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Re: mail box capacity almost full

Hi @stathe,


We don't have the functionality to only delete mail from a certain date, only to completely clear the mailboxes in full. 


That said if you use a mail client then I would suggest your best option to is set the client to delete mail from our server after a certain period.


I don't know which version of Thunderbird you have but in the account settings (probably advanced settings within the mailbox) there will be an option to 'leave a copy of mail on the server', alongside this there should be an option to delete mail after a certain period.