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madasafish webmail migration

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madasafish webmail migration


I'm looking to migrate my madasafish/plusnet emails (actually freenetname) to a different platform, as the plusnet webmail is no longer getting any support.

I use my iPhone for the most part, and in the main it works fine. but I'd rather use my laptop for longer emails and checking archived emails.

But I have some queries:

I have a number of emails based on my domain name that go to different folders (which I don't want to come through to my iPhone) within my plusnet server, can I replicate this on another app?

I use a number of outgoing emails, both my original, and personal domain addresses, would I be able to do this also?

will all my existing emails be transferred over? and the folders in which they're saved?

AND most importantly if they do transfer, do they all move over as unread? 

I realise this next one will give multiple answers, but, what app to use?

I hope these make sense

cheers all



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Re: madasafish webmail migration

If your iPhone email accounts are configured as IMAP then this is all very simple.  Just get any old email program (but not Win10 email) on your laptop and configure the mailboxes as IMAP accounts.

There will then appear exactly the same as on the server, as seen on your iPhone and via Webmail.

Personally I favour Outlook 2016 as (also utilising an email address) that facilitates good email management and coordination of contacts, diary and notes between the PC and the iPhone if set up properly.  I have an iPhone, two iPads and three laptops all being kept in sync with that approach.

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