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lPad repeatedly downloading read emails.

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lPad repeatedly downloading read emails.

It only started this week. Everytime the iPad email is accessed it downloads 700 emails that have been previously read but are still on the server. It used to just download new mails so this is a bit tedious. It would seem to me that either Apple have changed something or the PN mail server has.  Nothing has knowingly been changed in the iPad settings.

Anyone else got this problem? The connection is imap for multiple devices.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: lPad repeatedly downloading read emails.

Sorry to hear this.

Can you PM me the mailbox affected so we can look into this further?

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 Matthew Wheeler
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Re: lPad repeatedly downloading read emails.

It could be a corrupt email configuration on the iPad. I’ve had them before. Assuming this is an imap connection, you can safely delete the account on the iPad and set it up afresh.

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