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frustrated customer

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frustrated customer

I have been unable to send emails since the 12th September this had happened a few weeks previous but sorted itself after a few days when it happened again and had not sorted by the 14th of sept I contacted by phone the tech people who after spending over an hour on the phone with me were not able to sort this. I was informed that my problem would be forwarded to the email team who would contact me in a few days, I phoned the tech people again on the 18th sept and my settings were changed remotely but this then resulted in me being unable to send OR receive emails - again I was told this would be forwarded to the email team at this point I had received neither phone calls or texts from the email team even although I had been told by advisors that this would happen.

I called again on the 23rd sept but the advisor was unable to help and I was told again that this would be forwarded to the email team. I heard nothing and on the 27th sept I contacted again and was told this issue would be escalated again with the email team Danielle contacted me today and advised that I could reset my email settings using the members forum/centre I told her I was not going to do this as on the 18th the advisor had already tried this. I have been told again this will be sent to the email team. Dreadful service paying for a service I cant use. mick

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Re: frustrated customer

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Re: frustrated customer

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Re: frustrated customer

FWIW I have never used Plusnet for my main email service, partly because I have been a Hotmail user for most of my personal email for more that 10 years. Hotmail does not depend in any way on one ISP, so, for example, moving your broadband doesn't disrupt email. I get all Plusnet emails sent to Hotmail as well as Plusnet.

It is definitly worth having more than one mail provider.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: frustrated customer

Hi Mick.

I'm sorry to read about the troubles you're having with your email service.

Unfortunately there's not much we can do as we aren't providing your email address. Essentially Surfree addresses are very old Bauer addresses. While we took over broadband from Bauer accounts long ago, we never took over their email services.

Doing a search it looks like the MX records are pointing to a company called IZR Solutions. From a Google search, it looks like they're now part of Wavenet.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but there's absolutely nothing we can do to fix the issues you're experiencing.

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