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email addresses

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email addresses

I have a standard PlusNet email address and when I migrated from Madasafish I kept my old globalnet address. This I have been accessing via Outlook.

How do I read my globalnet emails via PlusNet Webmail?

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Re: email addresses

This is based on what I think has been said before but I think you enter your full globalnet email address in the Username field with the Password that goes with that email. Leave the Server selection as Plusnet.

Does that work?

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Re: email addresses

As Spraxyt says, full email address in the username field.

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Re: email addresses

I am very unhappy with PlusNet. They do not comprehend my issue.

I have no Broadband at home due to a cable issue.

I need to access my globalnet emails on Madasafish webmail.

I do not have the password and the password recovery tool sends the password link to my Madasafish email so I am in Catch22.

I have asked (when securely logged in with customer service) for the link to be sent to my Plusnet account not my Madasafish account as I have no access to that Madasafish email.

When logged in I updated all my bank details etc.

PlusNet refuse to send the link to my PlusNet email due to Data Protection!!

Who do they think was logged in and talking to them?? Father Christmas?

I despair and as a result am looking at another provider who understands the needs of their customers.

How daft can you get? How far do you take Data Protection? I am who I say I am but despite updating the mechanism that pays the bills to PlusNet I am ignored.

You could not make this up!

Fed up and disgruntled