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deleted mail accounts

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deleted mail accounts

I cant configure my email with F9 settings after contacting support numerous times they keep saying it has been elevated to a higher support and there is no further response, (it will not configure with webmail either) . i think they have secretly deleted my email account  and are not telling me, even though i have a fully paid up F9. account, i wish they would just come clean and not keep putting me off for nearly three months now.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: deleted mail accounts

Hiya @mainsys, I am really sorry for the issues experienced with your mail and that you haven't yet had a further update.


I am unable to see any evidence to suggest your mail has been deleted and the latest update from our Net Ops team advises that they have been unable to replicate the issue you are seeing.


I have provided a further response on your ticket here:


Can you let us know how you get on with this?

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 Lauren Barry
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Re: deleted mail accounts

@mainsys wrote:

I cant configure my email with F9 settings ...

It would help if you can advise...

  1. Can you access the mailbox using webmail via a web browser - there is nothing to configure (confirms that the account / mailbox is on the server)
  2. Which email client you are using
  3. What device you are trying to configure
  4. The settings you are using
  5. The exact error message you are getting

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