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cannot see Webmail or set up on Outlook

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cannot see Webmail or set up on Outlook

Hi all

I have my Plusnet emails on phone but cannot seem to access them via Webmail, it's just empty. I'm missing something ridiculously simple but it's driving me nuts as I have been trying also to connect up to Outlook on Office 2019 and having no luck there either after following the setup guide on here.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am receiving the your account is 75% full emails and I wish to thin them out.

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Re: cannot see Webmail or set up on Outlook

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Re: cannot see Webmail or set up on Outlook


When you say Webmail is just empty, is that a different way of saying nothing is displayed, I see a time out message?

Slow webmail

There is a known gremlin in the third party Round Cube webmail program which can cause delays in listing emails - see the end user mitigation post at the top of the Email board here. It somewhat appears that any sorting or filtering on a large mailbox cripples the performance of RC webmail, where as the 'basic' webmail program (Squirrel Mail) is not affected. Using Squirrel Mail can be an effective way of accessing a mail box which is running slow with RC.


As for setting up your email addresses in Outlook 2019, are you seeking to rely on Outlook configuring things automatically or are you doing it manually as an IMAP connection?

Left to attempt automatic configuration, Outlook will get things wrong by presuming that ...

  • Inbound server is rather than - use port 993 with encryption set to SSL/TLS
  • Outbound server is rather than - use port 587 with encryption set to STARTTLS
  • User ID is your email address, rather than
    • just your account name for the default mailbox
    • account_name+mailbox_name for a secondary mailbox address


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