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I'm thinking of changing my main Internet access from BT to Plusnet but want to first check that I will be able to retain my existing email addresses for family members which all use the domain. I know that I can send and receive btconnect emails from a Plusnet account as I use Plusnet at a holiday home. However, I'm concerned that if I move from BT at my main home that my btconnect addresses may somehow become unusable on Plusnet as its quite an old BT email domain. I'm hoping that there are other Plusnet customers that use the btconnect domain for their main email accounts and can confirm there are no problems with it. I use WLM for sending and receiving emails.

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Re: email addresses

You shouldn't have any problems accessing ANY other email service provider from a Plusnet internet connection.


The thing you need to check is whether BT will close your email domain if you leave BT.

If you are able to continue to pay BT for just the email provision, then you should have no problems.


With Plusnet, when you leave, it is possible to downgrade your broadband package to "email only", so you are able to continue using the Plusnet email service after you have migrated everything else away.

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Re: email addresses

Hi If you leave BT and wish to keep your email they will charge you £5  per month ( it used to be £1.60 ) when you leave you will get an email like the one I received

  • free BT email - you'll be able to use your BT email for 60 days after ?? ?? 2017, but then we'll close the account and permanently delete your emails, contacts, calendar and notes. If you'd like to keep your BT email account, you can sign up to BT Premium Mail for just £5.00 a month (which you'll need to do before we close your account). With BT Premium Mail you can keep using your @btinternet or @btopenworld email accounts no matter who provides your broadband. Find out more at


I learned a lesson and opened a free gmail  email account  which comes with 15GB of free storage or you can upgrade to 100Gb for £1.59 per month or £15.99 per year  which I find better than the BT one.

If I decide to change provider at a later date I will not have this problem again

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Re: email addresses

Thanks to both replies above. £5 a month is about what I save by moving my internet and line rental from BT to Plusnet (after taking into account a discount offered by BT's retention team), so on this basis its probably not worth moving as I would like to keep my btconnect email domains.

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Re: email addresses

In the long term, your best options are to either move to an email service independent of your ISP or obtain your own domain name ' pointed' to your ISP's services.

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