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attachments in webmail

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attachments in webmail

trying to attach small word files to emails, get message saying "unable to send message", any thoughts?

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Re: attachments in webmail

I think there is a 7MB limit to attachments in Webmail.

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Re: attachments in webmail

I'm also having problems sending emails with small word files attached....and similarly get "unable to send message" sometimes.

I discovered through trial and error if the email has more than one attachment it is less likely to send and so have had to send emails with one attachment at a time sometimes.


I assumed this was part of the general current email malfunctioning situation....but any thoughts would be appreciated.

I stress these are small word files.

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Re: attachments in webmail

Just tried attaching 3 empty files and it works, 4 breaks, so seems liek a limit of 3 attachments rather than size. I dont usually attach many files so not sure if it used to do more than 3?

Once good test is to try from Outlook/Mail etc as a client and see if its the mail server rejecting or a config/error on webmail itself?

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Re: attachments in webmail

Every time I bring up an attachment after responding to the upload instruction it shows in the attachments box with a no entry sign against it. When I either click on the send button at the bottom of the page or the letter box ( with the envelope projecting from it ) I get a "Failed to send" message. Does anyone have a solution to this or is there anyone who can tell me what I am doing wrong?