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additional email addresses

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additional email addresses

I am using outlook 2019 and no matter how I try to set this up to receive additional plusnet email addresses they do not come into outlook the accounts do work in web mail can anyone help with the settings I need 

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Re: additional email addresses

Welcome to the forums, @Albi1 . I don't know how Outlook 2019 is configured, and I've never used it, but email setup details for Plusnet mail can be be found here:

If you can't understand these, or you run into issues, report back - with the issues you have, and we will try and help.

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Re: additional email addresses

Outlook 2019 tries hard to setup email accounts automatically, based on the email address.  You need to set them up manually.

For example, if you try to setup an email account for OL2019 will...

  • set the user name to rather than household+fred
  • set the IMAP server as rather than
  • set the SMTP server as rather than

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