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Would spammers know my postal address?

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Would spammers know my postal address?

I moved to Plusnet nearly 3 years ago. Before that I was with Talktalk. I had severe problems leaving talktalk, but it was eventually sorted out 2 years ago with the help of legal advice (I've since heard of 2 people having exactly the same problems as me when trying to leave them!). Anyway things have been fine for the past 2 years (I thought!). And I received a letter saying the account is closed. Because I am no longer a talktalk customer naturally I wasn't able to send any emails from my old talktalk email address, but I am still able to receive messages. Is this normal?  The other day I decided to check the old talktalk email account to see if anyone had sent me anything. 2 weeks ago an email was sent from address to 'dear customer' saying that they were unable to take this month's DD payment (I always paid them by cheque) and I was to click a link and reenter my bank details. I didn't do this because I put it down as spam. The following week the exact same message was sent, so again I did nothing. But this week I received another message, this time from, this time it said 'Dear (My first name)' and my whole correct address, and it said that they are progressing my order for my new address!!!! I moved into this flat nearly 3 years ago and orginally I was going to stay with talktalk so they could have sent this email to me at the time (but I honestly don't remember) but I cancelled the ordered and moved to Plusnet. Does anyone have any thoughts on the 3rd email? Can spammers get you name and address as well as your email address? Could this be a copy of an email talktalk sent to me nearly 3 years ago, and if so, how did they manage to get a hold of it? Or has someone placed an order on 'my behalf'? According to Plusnet they haven't heard from talktalk that I 'leaving'. I am loathe to contact talktalk because I had a breakdown because of them the last time and don't really want to go through it all again. So if anyone can suggest anything please let me know, failing that, as a last resort I will have to contact talktalk I suppose!
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Re: Would spammers know my postal address?

Rather than talk to them you could send a registered letter to:
TalkTalk Customer Relations Team
PO Box 15323
B46 9BW
Call me 'w23'
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