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Windows Live Mail

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Windows Live Mail

Hi all
After five or more years I have rebuilt my PC and get my email through Windows Live Mail.
What used to happen was I had a email address '' and ''.
Emails to 'me' would go into the inbox while emails to work went into the inbox. There was no duplication.
Problem is, I can't seem to set this up again and both accounts bring down all my emails so I get both lots in both.  Undecided
I cannot remember how I set it up! Any ideas???
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Re: Windows Live Mail

Hi Pete,
There are several things needed to get what you need, so I'll cover the lot here, so hopefully you can get a solution in one hit.
First do you have the details of the two email boxes?  See here - and select "Manage My Email".  You will need to logon into the portal.
For emails to go to separate email boxes, there needs to be a mail box (not an alias) called "me" and one called "work".
In Windows Live mail you need to set up two email accounts - I would recommend using IMAP rather than POP3.  I have a dim recollection that if they are set up as POP3 the email client shows a single inbox with the combined contents of all email boxes.  I know I have seen this, but I have also seen distinct email boxes when using POP3 - there are subtle differences in how the different versions of Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Windows Essentials do detailed stuff.  This might be one of them!
For each mail box you need to use different account IDs of the form useraccount+me and useraccount+work
If this does not help, just ask again with some richer detail of how you have configured things.

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