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Why is the webmail portal so dated and so slow?

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Why is the webmail portal so dated and so slow?

I usually use Thunderbird for my mail, with it set to allow mails to remain on the server for seven days.  Earlier today I accidentally deleted an email in Thunderbird and thought I'd retrieve it via the online webmail portal.

Well, I waited five minutes for the thing to initially load (strange considering that there's only a few emails in the inbox).  I clicked the sort by date button and it's reverted to that spinning wheel saying 'loading' again.  I've been sat here waiting for it to 'load' again for another five minutes now.  Why does it have to load again simply in order to sort the mails by date order?  And then it takes another five minutes to actually load the email into the preview pane - a short, text only email I might add.


This thing is laughable, how this can be considered fit for purpose in the 21st Century is beyond me.  It's like something from the 1990s.

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Re: Why is the webmail portal so dated and so slow?

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav)

I have locked this topic as there is a considerable thread about the Webmail issues here.

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