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Weird "no messages" in inbox

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Weird "no messages" in inbox

Logged on tonight as I've been doing for ten years, 

to find "no messages" display, for Inbox.

this is ridiculous, as I can see some on my mobile...

Any advice welcomed. Thank you.

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Re: Weird "no messages" in inbox

I had the same last week when there were intermittent problems with the email log in. However if I tried logging in again they did show.

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Re: Weird "no messages" in inbox

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Re: Weird "no messages" in inbox

I've occasionally had this glitch too, generally when my computer was busy updating something. Refreshing the page or displaying another folder before returning to Inbox brought up the list.

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Re: Weird "no messages" in inbox

Hi Jay,

Working as expected again now?

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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff