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Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

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Re: Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

Same here .It only started a couple of weeks ago. I've been using Chrome for years never had this problem before. Also my sent emails are not showing in sent folder, so not sure whether they are sent or not. Very annoying .

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Re: Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

I am having problems with accessing my webmail. All mailboxes are showing but no mail in them and I get error messages saying Failed to send FETCH command.


I keep getting emails about mailbox capacity and recently one of my mailboxes was archived by Plusnet resulting in all messages disappearing including recent ones with zoom meeting joining instructions etc; I question whether this is legal as these are private communications and would be interested in what the data protection issues are. I don't use webmail as the way it is set up on Plusnet is frustratingly difficult to manage and I am now unable to access mail there. I mainly use Outlook 2016 to read and manage messages and also my Iphone.  I have removed attachments from mail, using outlook, and deteleted many including from deleted items folders but I still get the mailbox capacity emails. Can someone from Plusnet please explain what the issues are and why they can't host emails effectively. And set out an easy way to manage emails.

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Re: Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

Hi LoneBee

Welcome to the club!

I have been having similar problems - and many others - for months. Webmail has had various problems for years, most of which Plusnet recognise and say they are investigating. BUT NOTHING HAPPENS.

I have tried every remedy Plusnet have suggested, but no improvement. Most error messages relate to servers and my problems are much worse between 6am and midnight. Between midnight and 6am I get a reasonable service with very few problems.

Is it because Plusnet servers are simply not up top the job and cannot cope with the volume of emails?



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Re: Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

I've had the same problem for months.  It has got a lot worse lately.  I don't use WebMail all the time, but there are times when I do - or rather I would like to (e.g. using a device where I haven't and don't want or can't set up an email client).  More than 50% of the time I get this error.

There's a startling absence of PN support input in this thread.

Edit... see this thread:

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Re: Webmail Server Error Failed to send FETCH Command

I've complained to the CEO a few times and the final email I received a few days ago is below (from the Customer Advocates unit who deal with high level complaints).


"I can confirm that the issue is not over 3 years. You might have a different issue before but this known issue now is not over 3 years.

I understand that I cannot provide you a specific timeframe of when the issue will be fix and you want us to move all your folders and emails to an email service that has a proper infrastructure. Please be informed that we can only deal with our own server therefore we cannot transfer your email to a different email platform.  To avoid inconvenience due to the issue that we have, I would suggest to use a different email client that you prefer like gmail, outlook, etc.

Please be informed that the email that we provide free and it is not part of the contract that you have agreed with, which is why it is simple and basic email platform. It is not the same with other email Platform that has more capabilities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reply or call me on 0800 587 2677 anytime between 9:30am-5:00pm. I am here Monday-Friday."


So there you have it !  Plusnet do not want to support the webmail service and rather have their customers move off it.