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Vanished email account

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Vanished email account

I posted this on think broadband but have been advised that it should be posted here.

I have been with PlusNet for some years now. Previously I was with Madasafish and I had a domain on which I used to host, if that's the right word, several email addresses one of which is used by my wife. These email addresses have vanished and PlusNet can't or won't tell me what's gone wrong.

When I log into PlusNet webmail using my wifes email address and her password the current mailbox is shown (as expected). However, I cannot send or receive emails and the last email shown is dated 17/1/2020. There are no subsequent emails. What I can't understand is how I can log in to an account that PlusNet claims doesn't exist. It appears that I can delete emails.

If I try to send an email I get the following error message:
SMTP Error (550): Failed to set sender "*****" (<*****> sender rejected - invalid domain (no MX or A record)).

According to Whois the domain is still registered and will be until expiry on 5/9/2020. Whois also show the name servers to be and both of which are associated with PlusNet. The domain is registered until September, 2020.

I have been accessing this email account via Mozilla Thunderbird for many years. Now I can no longer do so. I simply get a "failed to connect" nessage.

All this is beyond me and I would be very grateful if somebody with greater knowledge could help.

Needless to say that I am extremely disenchanted with PlusNet

P>S>  I have been advised that Domain names and email accounts are separate entities which just serves to underline my ignorance 😞

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Re: Vanished email account

Hi @mikejkay I'm sorry to see you're having problems accessing your email. I've been looking into this for you and I think I've identified the problem. To investigate further though can you send me a private message with your domain name, and any Madasafish or Plusnet account usernames you have?

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