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Upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot get all my old emails

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Upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot get all my old emails

Hi, I hope someone can help.


I have just bought a replacement laptop which has Windows 10.  As I don't need to purchase Microsoft Office I have decided to use the Windows Mail app.

I have entered all the usual details as highlighted in other threads on this Forum but I cannot get emails from before Monday 27/5 which is frustrating.  I have searched online on various forums but cannot find an easy solution, I'm no computer expert don't get me wrong but I'm no real novice either.


I hope someone might be able to help, there are some emails which are sentimental to be honest so would be most appreciated if this could be resolved.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot get all my old emails

Hi @GeoffT,

A warm welcome to the forums.  The in-built email application on Win10 is not the best of email clients, it is like Windows Messenger Email with the good stuff removed.  It does though work adequate enough if a bit quirky.

You have provided limited information, so all that one can do is try to guess some potential scenarios which might fit what you are seeing...

  1. This would need to be coincidence - have you exceeded your email FUP storage allowance and has your email therefore been archived?  Check your recent tickets (last 30 days) using the PN Ticket link below.
  2. Use web mail to see what it thinks is in the mailbox - if it has more than what you can see on your PC, look for a "Sync emails for the last N days / weeks" option in settings
  3. If you email has not been archived and webmail shows the same as what your PC shows, then that somewhat suggests that the old machine was set up using POP3 (personally I see no merit in this method) and thereby all emails prior to the date in question are no longer on the server … but are only on your old PC … such is why I think POP3 is not helpful, especially if a user does not know how their email system / client works, where emails are stored and then needs to change machines - personally I always use IMAP


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