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Unaccountably high e-mail usage

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Re: Unaccountably high e-mail usage

If you are using Thunderbird go to the properties of the inbox folder, synchronisation tab and make sure select this folder for offline use is set.

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Re: Unaccountably high e-mail usage


Yes it is.

The result so far is spectacular. Before I was using 250+ MB/day and today I've only used about 35 MB so far. Now, allowing that recent activity might not yet be logged and assuming it goes up to about 60 MB all in all, that's still less than a quarter of the bandwidth I was using on POP3.

It seems what had happened was that, because for some reason read messages were not being deleted, TB was downloading the entire list of 90,000 senders, dates and subjects every ten minutes before deciding not to ask for any full headers because they were all already read. In other words, under POP3 the client gets a listing of everything in the inbox and then decides what to look at in more detail, whereas under IMAP the server is more active in deciding what needs to be sent. Of course, deleting all the old mails has been the major source of the change, but that wouldn't have happened under POP3. Whether TB was not requesting the deletion or whether the server was failing to act for some reason is a question which remains unanswered.

If the full day's figures are what I expect I think I can consider this solved.