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Thunderbird !!

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Thunderbird !!

I have just been forcibly downgraded from near-perfect Thunderbird 68 to rubbish Thunderbird 78.

I don't think it's any fault of Plusnet but I can't Get Messages now; I get "Connection to server POP3.SPAMARREST.COM was reset."

In 68 I was prompted  for the Spam Arrest passcode and then my new emails appeared in my InBox via Spam Arrest.

There is now no Help for Thunderbird, Help in Mozilla so I am stuck !


'Reset' - has anyone else had a similar problem ?

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Re: Thunderbird !!

68 to 78 is an upgrade, not downgrade. If you need help for this, you need to post in the correct board at Mozilla, it is very unlikely anyone on here can help - unless one of the email 'Superusers' has any idea.

On the very odd occasion I've needed help with TB, I have found their forum very helpful.

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Re: Thunderbird !!

Well I've been a Thunderbird User for  more than 10 years. Currently using version 78.6.1 with no problems.

I've not heard of or used Spamarrest, but checking the web a few minutes ago it does not seem to have good support reports recently.   Further checking indicates that the   service has been down most of yesterday / today.




Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Thunderbird !!

Yes . Have a good look around the Thunderbird forum.
I'm currently trying to sort a random crash when reading newsgroups (probably a corrupt newsgroup file).
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Re: Thunderbird !!


I have used Thunderbird for decades and the built-in Junk processor works fine.