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Think someone has hacked my email

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Think someone has hacked my email

Hello All, A couple of things have happened to me today to make me think that I have had my email hacked I use windows live mail for my plusnet email account.

Earlier on I had my EA account stolen by some [-Censored-] who had somehow logged in to my Origin account and basically steal my identity ,I rang EA and I managed to retrieve it before too much damage was done, but the only way someone would be able to change my password on EA/Origin is via my email address, so I assume that someone has access to my emails ,which is quite disturbing, can anyone suggest any way I can sort this out please?

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Re: Think someone has hacked my email

Create a new email and use this to change ALL places where your old email is used to identify an account.

Eventually you might be able to blackhole the original email.

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