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The server responded: 550

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The server responded: 550

This is a strange one. I have been using Plus Net for over 10 years with no problems but recently I have been getting the titled error for outgoing mail in Outlook both on my PC and my Iphone. I can log onto the incoming server okay.


I can receive and send email using webmail


I have tried POP, IMAP, alternative ports, completely reinstalling Outlook, setting up a email address on a different account!


I presume it is not my router since I have a problem using the Iphone as well on 4G.


I note suggestions on the web to turn on outgoing server authentication but that doesn't work either,


The Plus Net help desk was hopeless and wasted 2 hours of my life.


Unless I fix this I am thinking I should leave Plus Net.


Any help would be appreciated.







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Re: The server responded: 550

Is there any error message text after "550" (especially on your PC)? That would normally expand on what the error actually is.

Which version of Outlook are you using on your PC and on your iPhone?

Have you tried a different email client to see if the problem is general or specific to use of Outlook? Since sending works with Webmail a problem with Outlook set up seems likely. Have you considered asking Microsoft or checking their forums?

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Re: The server responded: 550

Hi @Sean3 


I'm sorry that you are having issues with your email service. 


@spraxyt has preempted my diagnostic questions to the letter, could you please let us know this information? 


If possible, could you also provide us with your current SMPT settings?