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Squirell Webmail Poor Performance?

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Squirell Webmail Poor Performance?

Is it me or does anyone else find PN's Webmail offering lacking in performance?
What I mean by that is slow / laggy especially when doing a group delete it either drops connection or logs me out!
I use it mostly to selectively remove mail from the server before downloading what I want and whilst I know there is
software to do that I would prefer not to have to.
Im using the latest FF on XPSP3
Any tips / settings that may help?
Edit: Ok, just seen the very large thread realting to this - will start trawling through it to see if there are any answers ....
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Re: Squirell Webmail Poor Performance?

you are lucky.......I can't even get into my mail,
This page request could not be verified and appears to have expired.
Go to the login page.
Not that it really matters.........It's such rubbish that I have no further intention of using it !!