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Never had a problem with spam before, however the last few days I've become inundated with false account registrations from my website through PN's mail server.

This seems rather coincidental to have just happened to me now (after over 6 years of PN useage) at the same time that we're experiencing the current horrendous Webmail and associated IMAP problems. Is this part of the current Webmail problem I wonder?


A problem occured in 2007 whereby the PN mail system suffered a third-party attack, and many email addresses were stolen. PN reported at the time that they were unaware how many customers this had affected, however they did need to take the Webmail system down completely and provide a replacement, therefore one can assume that this was a big problem.


I really wish PN would at least be honest about the current problems rather than keep suggesting this is some kind of maintenance work.