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Spam email sent to me by Plusnet

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Spam email sent to me by Plusnet

This email was received in my spam mailbox:
Dear Plusnet Customer,
You are receiving this mail because you have an active virus-scanning
service, and either a banned file extension or an email containing
a virus has been sent to your address.
The mail was sent to you from:
*      "Halifax Bank Plc."<>
The subject line of the mail received was:
*      Activity verification !!
In order to protect you, this email has been stored on our servers
and quarantined.  If you wish to retrieve this, please send an
email to containing the following information;
----------------------- SUPPORT INFORMATION ----------------------
Quarantine-Id: <removed>
Message-Id: <removed>
To: %TO%
----------------------- SUPPORT INFORMATION ----------------------
It should be possible to reply to this mail to retrieve your email,
as long as your email application includes this entire message in
the reply.
Kind Regards,
Customer Support.

So the spam detection system thinks that the emails created by the virus detection are spam! Surely that's not right.
jelv (a.k.a Spoon Whittler)
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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Spam email sent to me by Plusnet

Sorry about that jelv, I'll make the appropriate people aware. As you know we're changing our anti-spam platform very soon anyway.
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 Adam Walker
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