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Setting up outlook

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Setting up outlook

Hi all

I have recently joined PlusNet from virginmedia, I need to change my outlook address as I will lose this within 90 days, but the email address that has been set up with PN is ridiculously long and I am unsure how I can change it, I notice I have alia and mailbox? How can I change this to a simple email address like I had with Virginmedia, which was made up of a name and a number, I am really confused by it all : (


Many thanks in advance



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Re: Setting up outlook

Hi Patsy,

A warm welcome to the forums.

In what way do you find the PlusNET email addresses ‘ridiculously’ long? They are the same as any other email addresses mailaddress@domain-name.tld

Many ISP’s email addressing is restricted to - you get a single email address.

With Plusnet’s Mail service you have your own domain name - you can then have any number of mailboxes on your domain, something few ISPs offer. Combine the two and you can create...

The left hand side can be as short (or long) as you please, whilst the right hand side is what it is and fixed. Did you create a long account name?

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