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Sent messages not showing on Ipad

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Sent messages not showing on Ipad

I have had my ipad for over a year now and successfully set up my email account which worked fine. However several months ago, emails I sent via the Ipad suddenly stopped showing in my 'sent' folder. I know all my settings are correct as I can both receive and send emails. Indeed I today deleted the account and set it up again but the same problem persists.
I don't have this problem with my POP3 setup on my laptop and PC, it's just the IMAP setup on my Ipad and I'm at a loss to understand why it should have worked perfectly for several months then suddenly stop when nothing had been changed.
Anyone got any ideas?
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Re: Sent messages not showing on Ipad

Which "sent" folder are you looking in - the IMAP sent folder or a local folder on the iPad? Is the email client set to save a copy of sent messages?