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Retaining emails on PlusNet server

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Retaining emails on PlusNet server

Long ago, I  set my Webmail settings to retain original emails on the PN server, but allowing me to view/read them while away from the pc - e.g. on a windows mobile .
The 'reading/viewing' still works, but strangely I'm losing the originals when I return to the pc to try to read them there, they just no longer appear.  This is annoying
as I tend to work on them later from the pc rather than the handheld.  Can it be fixed through settings?  Also, I'm noticing that (unrequested) I'm now getting a copy of
my ~"sent2 message into my own inbox; confusing, and maybe I've made a wrong setting, or are the two connected?  Grateful for technical comment a.s.a.p Thank you.
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Re: Retaining emails on PlusNet server

Is one of your devices configured as POP3?
If you want to use multiple devices to access your email, it is simpler if they are all configured to operate as IMAP.

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