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Retaining and forwarding emails

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Retaining and forwarding emails

OK, I've just installed a CCTV system which sends alerts via email. This can only be set to one address so I've used my plusnet account. I would like an alert to go to my wife as well. Looking at a redirect it would send the email to her address if set up, but I would no longer get them as well. Anyone any idea how I can set up so that email sent to a specific email address gets retained but also forwards to another address?

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Re: Retaining and forwarding emails

Yes, as you said using a redirect would simply send the single copy of the email to a different address.

If you use an email client (eg Thunderbird or Outlook20xx) on a PC/laptop that runs most of the time you could create a message rule/filter that copies that email on arrival to a different mailbox.

Alternatively an external provider (probably a paid-for one) might provide this option. I think free ones are likely to provide simple forwarding rather than the store and forward combination you require.

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Re: Retaining and forwarding emails

Alternatively create an email address specifically for this purpose and set up all of your devices to read that mailbox.
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Re: Retaining and forwarding emails

Create a gmail email account. Then create multiple rules to forward the email to both of you.


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