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Question on email spam settings

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Question on email spam settings

I just checked the spam folder on a number of my email accounts and there is nothing in any of them.
With the old spam system there was always a few usually addressed to <random letters>@username etc picked up by the catchall but there weren't any even though I still get the odd one coming through which hasn't been tagged as spam.
Note that my email preferences are set for spam to go to the spam folder
Is something not working quite right on my account
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Re: Question on email spam settings

I imagine Cloudmark is just (successfully) getting on with its job. After a few weeks with zero spam messages I received 5 (correctly) tagged ones in the last 48 hours. These are not coming to random addresses, they are to an address used by friends. So I guess that address has escaped into the wild. The spam folders for other mailboxes remain empty.