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Problem forwarding one particular email

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Problem forwarding one particular email


Every week I receive a email from AvGeek Weekly which I forward to my nephew who has a Gmail account, I use Thunderbird to collect and send my email via IMAP I also have a static IP and until now haven't had any problem forwarding it on to him until today. Attempting to forward using Thunderbird results in this message:

"An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: n8jS1t0032uo9LG018jUwK message rejected due to spam or virus. If you believe this is in error please login to your portal or contact your ISP support team.. Please check the message and try again."

So I logged into webmail and found a copy of the email in the sent folder, somewhat confused I emailed him and he confirmed he didn't receive it. I then attempted to forward it to another mailbox on my Plusnet domain in Firefox and got the same error.

All the links in the email are similar to

Is it the links Plusnet is no longer allowing? If so I take it there's nothing I can do apart from sending him a link to the latest issue on their website every week.