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Plusnet webmail newbie question

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Plusnet webmail newbie question

I've just switched to Plusnet. I've notified most contacts of my new Plusnet email address but some people will probably still try to contact me through my old email addresses (a Windows live one and an o2 one). How can I get these messages using PlusNet webmail? I need to give up on using Windows Mail (which refuses to "sync" and doesn't work), Live Mail (which has just been forcibly migrated to Outlook Mail) and Outlook Mail (which no longer seems to work either)

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Re: Plusnet webmail newbie question

I have my Hotmail account configured to forward mail to my Plusnet email address.

Don't know about the O2 one. Maybe that can be forwarded also.

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Re: Plusnet webmail newbie question

You'll also need to give up O2 email as that is closing.

Link to one of many discussions on the O2 Community.

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