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Plusnet mail relay on SORBS blacklist - email going missing

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Registered: ‎14-02-2019

Plusnet mail relay on SORBS blacklist - email going missing

Hi everyone,


I've been having some mail sending issues with some messages going missing between sender and receiver.  Investigating causes whilst setting up SPF/DMARC and looking at DKIM seems to show that is on the SORBS spam list.


This was tested using a free service at where you send it an email, and then the deliverability report comes back with possible issues.


It also shows up using a dedicated blacklist checker: 


What's the best way to get this to the right technical team at plusnet to follow up and get unlisted?  Or to get my email routed via a different mail relay?


My MUA is setup to use an MTA at home.  That MTA relays everything through appears to be (consistently) the server that forwards on my mail, and as it is on a spam database, it is fairly likely this is contributing to some of my emails going missing.  I've noticed this most with recipients using hotmail.