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Plusnet Webmail and Android / iPad

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Plusnet Webmail and Android / iPad

Sorry if this has already been covered, but are there any known problems with Webmail on Android' 2.3 browser or Dolphin? Both almost work but neither seems to allow me to scroll up and down either the list of messages or the message details. So I can see the start of the first few messages but not all of all of them. Most websites scroll fine  There is a partial problem with an iPad , too. I've had to move away from IMAP on Android Email due to memory restrictions on my tablet. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Re: Plusnet Webmail and Android / iPad

RoundCube just doesn't work very well with touch devices. Only other webmail option is to use the old SquirrelMail or to use IMAP with mail apps on the devices.
That's RPM to you!!