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Plusnet Email - Header, No content

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Plusnet Email - Header, No content

The recent email regarding mail settings was received by both my wife and myself on our separate iPads with a header only and no content. It was only by logging in here to see what might be going on that I assume it is to do with server settings.


I wonder how many other people it has confused?!

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Re: Plusnet Email - Header, No content

Could it be to do with how your i pads deal with e mails using S/mime? has issues in displaying such mails unless you click on S/mime link
on the e mail.
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Re: Plusnet Email - Header, No content

Hi @TeeGee

We've sent this email to all mailboxes in your account, some people with Apple mail client are reporting that it's showing no content, Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Essentially, if your client is using the Plusnet outbound mail server you can disregard the mail.

 Jono H
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Re: Plusnet Email - Header, No content

Turnpike reports "Unknown character in Quotable Printing encoding" and doesn't display the email either. Forwarding it to Thunderbird did let me read it.

It doesn't affect me, but surely important service emails should be sent in simple plain text.