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PlusNet basic Squirrel mail losing it's settings

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PlusNet basic Squirrel mail losing it's settings

PlusNet basic Squirrel mail suddenly losing it's  settings
Been happening for a couple of days now.
Keeps reverting to defaults.

My settings for
1)    Colouring ..............Message Highlighting   Folder Preferences
Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background colors in the message list.
This helps to easily distinguish who the messages are from, especially for mailing lists.
2)   Display Preferences ............ Number of emails per page
This contains personal information about yourself such as your name, your email address, etc.  
You can change the way that SquirrelMail looks and displays information to you, such as the colors, the language, and other settings.

Is it just me ?
I've checked cookies are working.
It's the same on two browsers.

Close and open PlusNet Mail ......
No colours, only 15 messages per page

Is it just me ?
And yes, options submitted, done and saved, allegedly
Trash after saving options, again

Are the options only really saved upon Signing Out ?
Never used to have to do this, just closed window before, accidentally or deliberately.
Though, just thinking about it, it may just trace back to when I tried Advanced mail a few days back, to get folder size.
Could this have deleted my basic mail settings ?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: PlusNet basic Squirrel mail losing it's settings

Hi all,
We've updated our webmail package today which should mean that the issues re settings discussed here should now be fixed.
I'd appreciate it if anyone could take the time to check this and let us know how things are.
Thanks for your patience,
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: PlusNet basic Squirrel mail losing it's settings

Seems to have cured the problem, for me anyway.
I've just closed the window, and re-opened without signing out, three times, and Squirrel Mail basic is now keep my settings.

Update 2pm, 2½  hours later.
Still OK.