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Please update Roundcube webmail

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Please update Roundcube webmail

Further to my post 6 months ago:

The current version is responsive, so much better on phones, and also has a number of security fixes.  Release history here:

Surely web mail is a fairly important feature for an ISP?  So isn't it in Plusnet's interests to keep it updated and secure?


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Re: Please update Roundcube webmail

@gandb1 Re: your final comment. The email service is actually an 'added-value' but free service provided by Plusnet.  Some ISPs have actually withdrawn/closed down their email totally, and even PN do not offer it by default as they used to, although you can still configure an address (and as many aliases as you want) once you are up and running.

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Re: Please update Roundcube webmail

Surely web mail is a fairly important feature for an ISP?



One might argue, not particularly.  More to the point, it might be argued that for an end users, the ability to use a local email client which connects to the server using IMAP / SMTP, designed to work well within the local environment, allowing access to emails for reading and composing whilst not connected to the internet is significantly more important.

There are far better solutions than webmail.  Note that if you want to look at your email on several devices, just ensure that they are all configured for IMAP operation, NOT POP3.

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